Executive Team

Mike Hennahane – President

Mike Hennahane’s decades of experience with complex database system design and implementation drives NetTempo. He leads the company’s database and application development activities, adding his expertise to all aspects of database architecture, programming, and system design. Before taking the helm at NetTempo in 1989, Mike studied and worked at Stanford in their Networking and Communications Systems and Computer Science departments. He taught programming, artificial intelligence, and computer ethics.

“Over the years that I’ve worked with large corporations, I’ve developed an intuitive sense for what works. Applying this perspective to complex computing challenges helps not only with our efficiency, but with understanding how to focus on what’s effective over the long term.”

Tim Irvin – Vice President

With extensive experience designing and installing IT infrastructure, Tim Irvin takes responsibility for heading up NetTempo’s network and systems services. Prior to joining the firm in 1998, Tim managed IT systems, and networks for organizations including BAAN Company, Cisco Systems, Industrial Light & Magic, and the NASA/Ames Research Center. Tim studied computer science at the University of Tennessee and serves as Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors for The Crucible, an industrial arts school in Oakland.

“I love the design phase of projects, tackling daunting and never before attempted technical challenges. With the diversity of clients and markets we serve, I’m continually motivated by new business processes and challenges.”

Dan Gillette – Senior Consultant

Dan Gillette has spent his career mapping pathways between what technology and creativity allow and what real-world users appreciate. Since earning his Masters at Harvard Graduate School of Education focusing on Cognition, Psychology, and Instructional Design, Dan’s developed technology products to assist individuals with severe autism, worked as a lead consultant on a national student assessment system for the National Academy Foundation, and led design of a virtual reality therapy environment to treat US Air Force personnel more effectively. Dan has taught product design at UC Berkeley and at Stanford University. He is also an accomplished musician and composer.

“Tools should allow you to focus on the task at hand, not the tool in hand.”