About Us

Under the guidance of president Mike Hennahane, we’ve worked with companies at all stages of the development lifecycle. From newly funded start-up organizations to the Fortune 500, each NetTempo client comes to us with unique business challenges. Some projects are pressing and some nascent, but all are as crucial to our client’s longevity as our clients’ longevity is crucial to ours.

Our iterative approach focuses our efforts into four main channels:

Awareness: Our breadth of experience joins a deep awareness of modern technology to perfectly position us to confront the complex challenges you face.

Design: Our situation-specific approach devotes early energy to project design so all of our efforts map to your goals.

Response: We predict the cascading issues and negotiate between what’s needed and what’s achievable in order to ensure your investments see solid returns.

Scalability: Our iterative approach enables expansion, establishing an action plan that makes your future a central part of the process.

The NetTempo executive team, backed by our network of consultants and partners, remains committed to addressing technology challenges with expert, reliable service.